Pop goes the World...

my world went pop and all kinds of crazy on Monday because I got to see The Gossip! Beth was right there in front of me. She is so amazing. Even though she's a celeb, she's so down to earth always joking around. This time about her herpes that she thought was the only thing that people were looking at, which she supposedly got from Fergie. It felt like hanging out with a good friend who happens to be a pretty damn good singer. She's such a sweetheart. She even took the time after the show to sign some autographs, only to be bothered by her stupid security people and her girlfriend saying that they have to go because the bus is leaving. Umm hello? I don't think she's taking public transportation so the bus just needs to wait. Unbelievable... Anyway, I managed to squeeze in between the masses of people and got THE last autograph before she left. Yaaaaay, sorry but I'm just a little bit excited about that. So if The Gossip are ever in a city near you, make sure you go to the concert!!!

As promised I wore my new fascinator to the concert with my sequined dress. I've been having this happen a lot where I have this idea for an outfit but then when I put it on it just doesn't work for me. This is exactly what happened with this outfit. I think if the dress was a bit shorter and if I would have been able to wear heels then it would have worked for me. So, since I wasn't that happy with the outfit there's only one picture of the outfit but tons of pictures of Beth.

Dress- Torrid, Fascinator- H&M

Loved her dress and her Louboutin ballerinas, she's so fierce!

She changed her dress for the encore. Super cute.

Yes, she was right above me. I even touched her :-)

Right before she signed my ticket.


  1. What you said about Beth is so spot-on! I have met her and talked to her (before the show) and she is just as you described. Very funny and sweet, just like you'd expect. You got great pictures and looked really, really cute! Just what I think of when I think of Beth, sequins, hot pink and netting! <3

  2. thanks so much... i really hope i get to see her in concert again soon... btw, i always really love your outfits on fatshionista...