Baring it all... Well, almost.

I'm part of an amazing group on Facebook. There are 32 girls and we met through an online used clothes sales group. We are spread all throughout Germany and only know each other via Internet. We're all plus size and love fashion. We talk about everything from relationships to clothes or give each other advice on whatever might be going on in our lives at the moment.

The other day one of the girls asked us whether we wear bikinis or only bathing suits and this question somehow turned in to her asking to see our bellies. Now, I would say that this is a problem area for most women anyway. With us being plus sized I'd say that most of us probably try to hide that area of our body the most. I expected most of us to deny her request but all of a sudden I saw belly after belly pop up on my screen. Soon most of us including myself had just bared one of our biggest "problem" areas to a bunch of strangers. I was so amazed how everybody participated without hesitation. However, I also noticed how critical everybody was of their own body, yet when it came to other bodies they were so forgiving and nice. I'm one of the heavier girls in the group, if not the heaviest and not one person had anything negative to say. In fact, one of the girls complimented me for looking so confident in my picture. The comments they made about their own pictures were not so nice. They were unhappy with how wide their hips are or how the top of their bellies stood out too far, yet other girls who had similar bodies seemed beautiful or even sexy to them.

My point with this story is that we should be as kind and forgiving to our own bodies as we are to others at times. Whether we're fat, skinny, short, tall, small boobs, big boobs whatever it might be, we need to learn to get along with our bodies and realize that we can be just as attractive as the other girl who's body we might wish we had. Love the skin and the body you're in.

I want to thank all my girls from the Facebook group for being so awesome and for supporting each other. For being able to talk to each other truthfully, without anybody being offended. For being strong woman who lift each other up rather than tearing each other down or seeing each other as competition. A special thanks to the three girls who let me use their belly shots. Thank you for trusting me and encouraging me to write this.

xoxo Anna