Ho, ho, ho...

I just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas! Here in Germany we celebrate Christmas on the 24th. I had my in laws over and my mom. It was a pretty fun night with good food and of course some nice presents. Here are just a couple of pics from last night, including my outfit and our wonderful table decoration which the hubby put together.

Cardi-H&M, Dress-Avenue, Shoes-Humanic



Hello to everybody that still follows my blog. It seem like I haven't posted anything in about 10 years. So here is just a quickie. I celebrated my 26th birthday a few weeks ago and I love themed parties so I decided to have a Halloween theme this year. There was tons of food, everybody had really good costumes and we just had a really good time overall. There was so much going on so I totally forgot to take pictures especially of my costume. Here's one good shot that I managed to steal from my friend.

Costume- Torrid


The Right to Bare Arms...

I know that a lot of big girls have issues with showing their arms. For a long time I did as well, but then I started thinking "my arms are pretty big so a sweat is not really going to hide that". If people don't like them or think it looks gross, oh well though luck because I'm not going to hide them anymore. So either you look away or you can do as I do, accept them. I have a fat body, so of course I"m going to have fat arms, it only makes sense.
Here's an outfit that I wore a few weeks back. It's simple but sometimes simple is good. I was so happy when I found this vest... on sale... at H&M. They've had it at the store for a while but I was never willing to pay 40 euro for it which i think was the original price. So I was super excited when I spotted the vest on the sales rack for 15 euro. Even though it was already pretty warm out and the vest is wool I just had to get it. Paired with this tube top it ended up not being all that hot.
I've scored quite a few bargains these past few weeks. My motto is "never pay full price for anything", even if you have to wait around a little while until it goes on sale. I'll try to do a post on those things soon. Now on to the pictures.

Vest, Tube Top, Earrings & Hairband- H&M, Jeggings- Evans, Shoes- Humanic, Bag- Jessica Simpson, Watch- Guess, Shades- Krass

xoxo Anna



I've had this dress forever and it one of my faves. It's so easy to dress up or down. Whenever I can't come up with anything good to wear, I just throw this dress on put a cardie or bolero over it, add some cute shoes and off I go.
I'm also wearing my all time favorite bolero. This thing goes with everything. I have a lot of maxi dresses that I feel are often too dressy for work. So I throw this bolero over it and it instantly makes it a little bit more casual. The shoes I'm wearing have also become one of my favorite pairs. I go them a while back at H&M. It was like they were waiting for me to come in and buy them. They were the only ones left and happened to be my size, so I couldn't say no to that. For 20 euros they were a bargain too.

Dress and Bolero- Torrid, Shoes- H&M


I'm Alive...

yes, I am still alive. I've just had a lot going on and I also do not have internet right now. We just bought a house so I've been trying to get unpacked. At the moment we don't have internet either but it's supposed be hooked up on friday. This is why I haven't been able to post anything. Hopefully by the end of the month everything will be squared away and I can get back to bloggin normaly.

xoxo Anna



today's post is going to be a little different. I made some delicious dinner and thought I'd write about it. I've been trying to eat a little bit healthier because I haven't been feeling all that great. It's amazing how different my bodies feels when I cut out processed food. I could already feel the difference after one day. Something I struggle with is, drinking enough water. So I try to make sure that I drink at least one bottle (1.5 liters) of water at work because once I'm home I tend to forget to drink. Actually I drink water infused with tea because plain non carbonated water basically makes me gag. I figure that's better than not drinking at all.

So moving on to the food. I made shrimp kebabs in coconut oil  and garlic, green asparagus, pico de gallo and rye bread. I LOVE pico de gallo but this was the first time I've ever made it myself and it turned out pretty good. I used red and yellow tomatoes to make it a little bit more colorful, cilantro, shallots, lemon juice, fresh pepper and sea salt. Super easy and delicious.

xoxo, Anna


Just a Quicky...

I actually managed to take a pic of my outfit today just before I ran out to a birthday party. I feel super uncomfortable if I wear just jeans and a sweatshirt. It's just too underdressed for me. So when I do wear jeans I usually go for casual/dressy, which is exactly what I went for today.

Top & Necklace- H&M, Blazer- Forever21+, Jeans- Hydraulic via Macys, Shoes- Deichman


Hanging My Head In Shame...

I've been a horrible blogger, I know. Hopefully the few followers that I do have aren't too upset with my lack of posting.

I've had a lot going on. The Hubby and I recently went on a trip to NY for his 30th birthday. We had a fabulous time. I promise to post some pics soon. I really wasn't able to get any good shots of any of my outfits because it was super cold and snowing. So most of the time I just tried to stay warm. We also moved in with my mom because we're buying a house, which is super exciting. So until the whole loan is approved we're living with her and it's actually really nice living at "home" again. My job also moved, which is why we're buying a house. I love our new office including the new furniture that we got. The area that we're in is really nice too, lots of nature. We have an amazing view because we're right on top of a hill and sunshine all day.

So, as you can tell, my life has been everything but boring. I'm going to attempt to post more outfits. I'm trying not to buy a lot of new things since I have to start shopping for the house soon. Also, half of my stuff is packed and in storage, so I will have to get a little creative with what I have.

Please stay tuned for my next outfit post coming really soon.

xoxo Anna


Here I Come...

It's been forever since I've made a new post. There's no excuse for that other than my lack of motivation. Anyhow, I hope everybody had a great Christmas and started off the year in a good way.
So, I'm super excited to share with you that I will be going to NYC in about 3 days. I cannot wait!!! I got the trip as a birthday gift for the hubby, since he'll be turning 30 next week. When I come back, I should be getting back into the groove of things and posting more outfits. Especially since I plan on doing some serious shopping.
I have tons of other exciting things going on right now too. One of them being that the hubby and I have decided to buy our first house together. I can't wait to get out of this small apartment. There is no room in here what so ever. We're actually looking at a house tomorrow that we're both really excited about because it has everything that we want/need. A double garage, and office, 3 bedrooms and a separate dressing room which is awesome because you almost never have that in German houses. I'll be sure to keep you updated on that too.

So that this is not a total picture less post, here's a picture of me and my mommy on Christmas eve.