what is it? A loving husband? A best friend that's always there for you no matter what? An amazing mom that you would never give away for anything in the world? A job that pays good for somebody who doesn't have a degree? It wasn't enough for Julia Roberts, can it be enough for me? Is it possible to ever find true happiness? If we do will we know it? In this day in time with the capabilities that we have shouldn't everybody have the right to be truly happy? Is the key to true happiness simply eating, praying and loving?
I wonder if I've ever been truly happy. I'd like to think that I have, but then why do I feel the way I feel sometimes. How is it even possible to be unhappy having the things that I have? Maybe this superficial world just isn't for me?! Maybe I don't need more of what I have, but less? What if I was born into a different world, a world where makeup, designer clothes, what car you drive and what other people think of you didn't matter? Would I be happier? Could I be happy with just the simple things in life? I'd like to think that I'm not that shallow but in reality I think it's almost impossible these days to not be. Everyday you're told by the media, by people that you meet, maybe even by your friends and family, that unless you have the looks, the money or a nice house it can't be possible that you're satisfied with your life or that you're happy. I think it could be that all those things are what is making me unhappy. It's just become a way of life though and it's what I'm used to and feel comfortable with, so the chances of me changing any of this are pretty slim. So I guess I will never really know what the answers to my questions are.

I'd like to think though that I'd be ok on my little boat out on the ocean with my husband...

So back to my superficial life, here's the outfit that i wore today.

Jacket- Beth Ditto Collection Evans/ Skinnies- Freestyle Revolution via Torrid/ Wedges- Humanic/ Sequined Bolero-Torrid/ Tank Top- Target/ Hairband-H&M



It's been pretty cold here in Germany so I've been dressing a little bit more for comfort rather than style. Instead of wearing tights I usually throw on some leggings underneath skirts or dresses, just to keep myself a little bit warmer. Besides pink, black has to be my favorite color but I usually try to throw in a pop of color to make my outfits a little bit more fun. Be gentle with me because I'm still trying to figure out the whole picture thing.

Cardigan- M&S Mode/ Shirt, Leggings & Necklace- H&M BIB/ Skirt- Target/ Boots- Torrid

Flying High...

I'm not sure how most people feel when they buy a pair of shoes, if they feel anything at all for that matter, but it gives me a rush. It's almost like I'm high. I know this might sound weird to anybody that's never had this experience but that's just how it is. Shopping period, can make a bad day turn into a fabulous day for me.

So earlier today I bought 2 pairs of boots. so of course I was feeling pretty good. A lot of times it can be such a hassle though, to find boots that actually fit my calf's. So it's not like I can just walk into any ol' store and buy a pair of cute boots. No, I have to search the entire internet and even if I do find a boot that I could actually fit my calf's into it costs a fortune. This is another thing, I love shoes and I love to shop but I NEVER pay full price for anything! If I can't find a coupon code I will wait to make my purchase until I do find one. so thanks to Evans and their 20% off boots and shoes sale (which is ending today, so ladies get your orders in) as well as the lovely Xtina from Musings of a Fatshionista who posted a 20% off coupon on her facebook, I got myself 2 pairs of boots for about $80. Now that's what i call a good deal.

On to the goodies.

evans stacked heel boots

  • Price: £39.50/ £ 25.28 after discounts



    evans lace up over knee boots
  • Price: £49.50/ £31.68 after discounts

    By the way, the code for an additional 20% off at evans is EVXM378.

    Keep flying high.


    Hello there...

    So, here I am, typing this first post on my very own blog. This is actually pretty exciting since I never thought that I would have my own blog. I guess you probably would like to know a little bit about the person who’s behind this blog?! Well, my name is Anna I just turned 25 and I’m your typical easy going, indecisive, romantic, slave to fashion, Libra. I’m half German, half American and grew up mostly in Germany. I did make a little trip to the states when I was 13 and decided to stay a while, 5 years to be exact, but Germany was calling me so I’ve been back here ever since. I got married last year in September to my wonderful husband which I’ve been with for over 5 years now. We live in a small apartment in the south of Germany, which I’m hoping to upgrade from this tiny place to a bigger one soon, so stay tuned for that.

    As I stated earlier I love fashion, which is what this blog is going to be mostly about. This blog is however not going to be one of those high fashion blogs were you see people showcasing their louboutins. I’m going to show you ME, just a girl from a small town in Germany who’s trying to give you a glimpse of what I think fashion is all about. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I’m FAT! So if you want to see how fa(t)shionable this curvaceous diva can be, come and follow me.

    Keep twirling!!!