The Right to Bare Arms...

I know that a lot of big girls have issues with showing their arms. For a long time I did as well, but then I started thinking "my arms are pretty big so a sweat is not really going to hide that". If people don't like them or think it looks gross, oh well though luck because I'm not going to hide them anymore. So either you look away or you can do as I do, accept them. I have a fat body, so of course I"m going to have fat arms, it only makes sense.
Here's an outfit that I wore a few weeks back. It's simple but sometimes simple is good. I was so happy when I found this vest... on sale... at H&M. They've had it at the store for a while but I was never willing to pay 40 euro for it which i think was the original price. So I was super excited when I spotted the vest on the sales rack for 15 euro. Even though it was already pretty warm out and the vest is wool I just had to get it. Paired with this tube top it ended up not being all that hot.
I've scored quite a few bargains these past few weeks. My motto is "never pay full price for anything", even if you have to wait around a little while until it goes on sale. I'll try to do a post on those things soon. Now on to the pictures.

Vest, Tube Top, Earrings & Hairband- H&M, Jeggings- Evans, Shoes- Humanic, Bag- Jessica Simpson, Watch- Guess, Shades- Krass

xoxo Anna