Better late than never...

Happy Thanksgiving and all that jazz. Sorry, I know I'm a little late. We had thanksgiving at my friends house, so I didn't have to cook, which was nice. I actually spent most of the day shopping with my mom. We got out makeup done, had some good lunch and I bought the cutest little fascinator from H&M, which I will be wearing on Monday for the Gossip concert. Yeah, I know you're jealous, I get to see Beth. Can't wait!!! Anywho, we didn't get to my friends house until after 4pm, so by the time we actually ate it was dinnertime. There was lots of delicious food and of course I ate way too much. Here's what I wore. I threw it together last minute because I didn't have time to really think about what I was going to wear because I spent too much time shopping. So there's all sorts of new things going on. I dyed my hair. It's no secret that I'm in love with Rihanna's style so I was trying to go red. Well that didn't really work out as I had planned. I guess that's what I get for trying to save a buck and did it myself (actually the hubby did it). The color turned out super dark, it basically looks black but in the sunlight you can see that it's red. I still like it though. Also if you notice, there's something missing... my glasses. I got contacts. I love my glasses and all but sometimes they take over my face too much, especially when I'm wearing makeup. I have to get used to them but so far I like them. You'll also be meeting my faithful companion, my sequined hobo bag from Zara. I love this bag so much and yes this is my everyday bag. A bit of sparkle is always a do! I also bought this new lipstick from wet n' wild. Don't judge, I'm on a budget. The color is amazing, I want to wear it everyday. Now, on to the pictures, sorry for the shininess, these were taken when I got home so my makeup was not at it's best.

Jacket & Headband- H&M, Purse- Zara, Tights- Ulla Popken, Shoes- Humanic
Velvet Blazer & Shorts- Torrid, Top, Earring & Bracelet- H&M

Love the shoulders, too cold though to show them off.

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  1. super schoen und der tolle Lippenstift, bin total begeistert, Mom