Where'd my Sleeves go...

The colder it gets the more I'm realizing that I really need to invest in some clothing that has sleeves. My closet is full of tops and dresses but the majority is either sleeveless or the sleeves are short. For now I guess I have to layer. The outfit today isn't all that exciting and I also don't really like the blazer anymore after seeing the pictures. Oh yeah, please welcome my new boots that I got from Evans. I basically only take them off when I go to bed. I'm so glad I kept them. So here goes nothing...

Blazer & Necklace- Torrid, Dress- H&M Maternity, Leggings- H&M BiB, Boots- Evans

Stay tuned for tomorrows outfit. I think it's gonna be pretty cute. Went shopping with the bestie today and found a super cute black maxi dress WITH sleeves and an exposed zipper at H&M. It's also no secret that I love cardigans, shrugs, vests, boleros etc. so I just couldn't pass up this thick knitted waterfall vest that i also saw at H&M. It's so nice and soft, it might make an appearance tomorrow as well.

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