I have returned...

I've made it back home from my mini vacation to Bavaria. It's kind of funny that I live so close to all these tourist attraction but I've never been to so many of them. I got this really good deal on a 4 star hotel in Fuessen inlcuding breakfast and a 5 course candle light dinner. The castle Neuschwanstein happens to be right around the corner too and it's absolutley beautiful. So my hubby and I spent the last 3 days relaxing, eating and sightseeing. It was a well needed break.

I didn't take very many pics of my outfits because they were a little too casual. However I took plenty of pics of yummy food and the scenery.


Yes, there was snow on the mountains.

Our room, simple and clean.

The bathroom was nice and spacious.
This was my outfit for our candle light dinner. Dress & Bolero- Torrid, Heels- H&M, Necklace- Swarovski

Me and the Hubby at our lovely dinner table.
This was actually the second course, potatoe foam soup.

Grape sorbet, yummy.

They chef was nice enough to make this just for me since I don't like meat that much. I love salmon though.

This was the actual main course, veal with pasta.

The dessert was sooo good, grape mouse with chocolate netting and vanilla foam.

The next day, after walking around in the rain all day we got a wonderful ayurvedic massage.
The view outside our bedroom window.

We had some amazing indian food, this was the only picture we could take because we got yelled at by the owner.

Last day, we took a horse carriage up to the castle because it's a 40 min walk up the hill.

This is the other castle that King Ludwig II had build, Hogenschwangau.

There it is, Castle Neuschwanstein.
The view once we got up the hill, stunning.

We could have walked to the bridge on the other side but it would have been another 20 min walk. It was just as nice from this side.
Me and the Hubby right outside the castle.
Inside the courtyard waiting for our tour to start.

The End


  1. very nice, Hotel, food, Castle and of course the tour guide :-)