Fangs n' Thangs...

ok I have to admit that title is pretty cheesy. Anyhow, here in Germany people are just now getting around to celebrating Halloween. I suppose Fasching here would be the equivalent to Halloween in the US. It always starts with Weiberfastnacht on 11 Nov at 11.11am. On that day most businesses will only be open half day because everybody goes out partying afterward especially when you live in the Cologne area. Traditionally all the women go around and cut off the men's ties to "take the power" from them. Fasching lasts for a pretty long time until March or so. Throughout that time there's all sorts of get togethers where people dress up and there's all kinds of parades etc. I supposed you could also compare it a little bit to Mardi Gras.

So, back to what my post was originally going to be about... my Halloween costume. It's no secret that I LOVE the Twilight series, so it only made sense to dress up as a Vampire. I was all decked out with fangs and everything. On to the pictures... Please excuse the shiny face, these pictures were taken after the Party.

Wig, Fangs, Cape, Dress- Buy Costumes/ Wedges- Humanic/ Purse- some random store in Germany

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