what is it? A loving husband? A best friend that's always there for you no matter what? An amazing mom that you would never give away for anything in the world? A job that pays good for somebody who doesn't have a degree? It wasn't enough for Julia Roberts, can it be enough for me? Is it possible to ever find true happiness? If we do will we know it? In this day in time with the capabilities that we have shouldn't everybody have the right to be truly happy? Is the key to true happiness simply eating, praying and loving?
I wonder if I've ever been truly happy. I'd like to think that I have, but then why do I feel the way I feel sometimes. How is it even possible to be unhappy having the things that I have? Maybe this superficial world just isn't for me?! Maybe I don't need more of what I have, but less? What if I was born into a different world, a world where makeup, designer clothes, what car you drive and what other people think of you didn't matter? Would I be happier? Could I be happy with just the simple things in life? I'd like to think that I'm not that shallow but in reality I think it's almost impossible these days to not be. Everyday you're told by the media, by people that you meet, maybe even by your friends and family, that unless you have the looks, the money or a nice house it can't be possible that you're satisfied with your life or that you're happy. I think it could be that all those things are what is making me unhappy. It's just become a way of life though and it's what I'm used to and feel comfortable with, so the chances of me changing any of this are pretty slim. So I guess I will never really know what the answers to my questions are.

I'd like to think though that I'd be ok on my little boat out on the ocean with my husband...

So back to my superficial life, here's the outfit that i wore today.

Jacket- Beth Ditto Collection Evans/ Skinnies- Freestyle Revolution via Torrid/ Wedges- Humanic/ Sequined Bolero-Torrid/ Tank Top- Target/ Hairband-H&M

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