Size DOESN'T Matter...

Like many other Fatshion blogger's I also believe in never going by what size the tag says on clothes. If I see something that I like, I will hold it up against myself and sort of see if I can squeeze my butt into it and surprisingly a lot of times I can. The key thing is to look for stretchy material. By doing this I have gotten quite a few pieces from H&M etc. that are labeled L or size 14/16 which I am definitely not. Usually I wear a size 22, depending on the brand.
Yesterday I went shopping with my bestie and I always have to make a stop at H&M. So here are a few dressing room pics. I apologize for looking a hot mess but we had already been running all over that mall.

The red dress and the cream colored dress thing are both from the regular collection. The blue and beige sweater are from their Big is Beautiful collection, which I  don't think they sell anymore in the states. Trust me, you're not really missing out on anything though. I ended up buying the cream dress and the blue sweater, although the sweater really isn't my style but it was marked down to 10 euro so I couldn't resist. I actually wore the cream dress today but didn't take any pictures because I was too exhausted. I know, I know. maybe I'll throw everything on real quick when my hubby gets back so he can take a quick shot of the outfit.

I also received my boots that I ordered from Evans and the one pair that actually fit looks a hot mess. The lace up boots are just too tight, so I'm sending both back. In exchange I ordered a really cute bag from there and the coupon code from my boot post still works. I'm really loving everything faux fur this season, so I just had to get my hands on this bag.

Faux Fur Across Body Bag Price: £25.00/£20.00 after discount


  1. gezz that purse is nice! Evans is my store!
    love it!


  2. i know, i love evans too... but my past few orders with them just haven't been all that... hopefully this purse will turn out better...

    xoxo Anna

  3. The clothing industry has never used (and likely will never use) a "standard size" so it's unlikely you'll ever wear the same size from one company to the next. If you're not entirely sure and want to save yourself some dressing room time, it's good to shop with a measuring tape along. If you know your own measurements, you can narrow down what's most likely to fit you and never again need to squeeze yourself into something.

  4. i'm not really sure how to take the comment above... i actually enjoy trying on clothes so you probably wont see me running around with a meassuring tape anytime soon... btw, i do know my measurements but as far as i know measurements are never listed on the garment... the point i was trying to make with my post was that it doesn't matter what size is listed on the garment, if the cut is right and there's enough stretch i (and others can too) can fit into something that is like "4" size smaller than what my size according to the industry is...