Flying High...

I'm not sure how most people feel when they buy a pair of shoes, if they feel anything at all for that matter, but it gives me a rush. It's almost like I'm high. I know this might sound weird to anybody that's never had this experience but that's just how it is. Shopping period, can make a bad day turn into a fabulous day for me.

So earlier today I bought 2 pairs of boots. so of course I was feeling pretty good. A lot of times it can be such a hassle though, to find boots that actually fit my calf's. So it's not like I can just walk into any ol' store and buy a pair of cute boots. No, I have to search the entire internet and even if I do find a boot that I could actually fit my calf's into it costs a fortune. This is another thing, I love shoes and I love to shop but I NEVER pay full price for anything! If I can't find a coupon code I will wait to make my purchase until I do find one. so thanks to Evans and their 20% off boots and shoes sale (which is ending today, so ladies get your orders in) as well as the lovely Xtina from Musings of a Fatshionista who posted a 20% off coupon on her facebook, I got myself 2 pairs of boots for about $80. Now that's what i call a good deal.

On to the goodies.

evans stacked heel boots

  • Price: £39.50/ £ 25.28 after discounts



    evans lace up over knee boots
  • Price: £49.50/ £31.68 after discounts

    By the way, the code for an additional 20% off at evans is EVXM378.

    Keep flying high.

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